Pleased to Meet You; a bar review

pleased to meet you

Having lived in Newcastle for 5 years, we have our favourite bars to go to and know where to avoid on a Saturday night, so as not to bump into any of the cast from Geordie Shore. It is always a lovely surprise to discover somewhere new worth visiting in the centre of town and PTMY seemed to be just that.

“Pleased to Meet You” opened on Friday 31st May on Newcastle’s favourite cobbled street, High Bridge. The decor is luxury meets warehouse, with lots of exposed brick and over head pipe. You can tell they take pride in detail here as everything from the faux cut crystal gin glasses to the chandeliers to the toilets (which have to be best in Newcastle!) fit the brand.

Not surprisingly, on the night after opening the bar is rammed full of people pushing and shoving to get to the front. We finally get our hands on a menu and see the much talked about list of gins, mixers and garnishes (of which rosemary catches my eye as one I would like to try). Unfortunately there are no prices and no descriptions making it impossible to know which of the 35 gins to chose and with the crowds pushing from behind and the bar tenders looking exhausted… we opt for a bottle of house white and 3 glasses! Sorry!

Having said that we had a wonderful night, as I sipped my wine, with the smell of fresh paint in the air I decided I would definitely come back and order a gin next time.

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