Jam Jar Jesmond; a bar review

Jesmond’s Osborne road is one of those places you adore when you’re a student and then, as if a switch flips, you just can’t tolerate it anymore. Since graduating I really have tried my best to avoid drinks on Osborne Road however the opening of Jam Jar has dragged me out of the woodwork and back to the mayhem!

Having read a few good reviews (thanks to Taste the North East and Newcastle Sparkles) we decided to pop in for a cocktail one Wednesday eve.

Jam Jar Jesmond review- Newcastle Bar
Photo from Jam Jar Newcastle’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jamjarjesmond/photos_stream

As soon as you enter the bar you can tell it is going to be completely different to the majority of bars on the infamous Osborne Road. With exposed brick, unvarnished wood, vintage teapots and type-writers, not to mention the custom made jam jar wallpaper in the snug (which even has it’s own little stack of books). It automatically gives you the feeling that this is a place you can relax and it certainly attracts it’s own crowd of local hipsters!

Osborne Road Newcastle- Jam Jar Bar
Adding a bit of vintage charm to Jesmond

 We opted for a Jam Jar Cocktail- there was no menu just the choice of Gin, Vodka or Whisky- I quite liked the simplicity. I went for the Gin cocktail and was actually pretty disappointed apart from the fact it came in a jar which obviously I loved. Firstly it took AGES for the guy to make. Now I can appreciate a work of art and I was not in a particular rush but he was so slow it came to the point of awkward as we watched. Secondly, despite the shaking, stirring, pouring and whatever else he was doing, it was just gin and orange juice with the tiniest splash of chambord.  Hey ho they are still a young bar so hopefully they can only get better at cocktails! For the next round we opted for a bottle of wine and that was a much better choice.

Drinking out of Jars at Jam Jar Bar

However after all’s said and done I really enjoyed our night in Jam Jar, it was the right mix of relaxed and upbeat and I can safely say it is the best thing about Osborne Road. Looking forward to going back soon and trying the food, especially the pig vs cow burger so nicely documented by Alexis here.

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