A hike up High Cup (and Merrell Sport Siren Review part 2)

So, if you cast your minds back a few weeks ago you will remember a very soggy review of a new pair of shoes from the lovely folk at Outdoor World Direct. Since then I have been waiting for the perfect chance to get out and try them again.

The day arrived! And we headed over to the North Pennines in Cumbria for a walk up High Cup Nick. We couldn’t find anywhere official to park in the small village of Dufton, so we parked up on the verge at the bottom of the bridle path and set off.

The start of the walk is along a farm track and from the begining there is a gradual gradient increase up into the moors. The shoes were as comfy as on previous occasions so I was happy trotting along behind Alex.

north pennines high cup

It wasn’t long before we had been through the last farmland gate and were out on to the wild Pennine moors. And it did feel very wild and deserted – there was even a herd of fell ponies which i obviously enjoyed! It wasn’t a particularly steep climb before we spotted the start of the magnificent “high cup”, so called for the amazing natural u-shape.

cumbria walking

The view is simply spectacular with jaggered rock faces either side of the valley forming a perfect “cup”. I am sure the geologist amongst us would be over the moon at natures crafty glacial design; for me it just made for a really scenic walk and an ideal picnic spot.

We walked along the edge of the ridge up to the top of the cup, before scrambling down a couple of meters. We found an ideal ledge to perch on whilst we ate our sandwiches in a little snow flurry (anything can happen here where the weathers concerned). We were vaguely following a route suggested by the Walking Englishman but decided to climb a bit higher before heading back the way we had come.

walk cumbria
The view from our picnic spot at the top of the valley


pennines walk
Alex found a Tardis


high cup pennines
Stopping to enjoy our infinity waterfall


As for the shoes – they were comfortable and waterproof- which is all I wanted to prove really! I think I’m going to see some good days with these walking shoes.

merrell sport siren


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