We need to talk about Candy

As it turns out, finding a horse for free on the internet does not result in glorious hours spent galloping along sandy shores, oh no. Here are some things to tell you about my first two months of part loaning Candy.

The first (and worst) thing about Candy is she naps – constantly on hacks – this is causing real dilemmas as it is not something I have experienced before and looks a little like this:

(this is not actually Candy in this video but does look remarkably similar!)

However it is not in an arena as shown above – oh no – it is generally in to a ditch or backwards in to an electricity pole or on occasion, another horse and rider. It’s really knocking my confidence riding outdoors and I’m desperately looking for a solution- any ideas would be much appreciated!

Secondly I am schooling her in draw reigns, another first for me. In her life before Hall Farm, Candy was a brood mare and therefore has had very little schooling. The draw reigns are really helping to teach her how to carry her head and work in an outline but are really blummin fiddly!

I will keep you updated on our progress but for now I am embracing the challenge and trawling the internet for ideas on how to progress.

But first, let me take a selfie…

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