A trip to Sunderland Climbing Centre

We’d been meaning to go to Sunderland Climbing Centre since it opened, but never quite got round to it.  Finally the day arrived! We popped the postcode in sat nav and quickly found ourselves winding around the streets of Sunderland.

The centre is in a big old warehouse that for the first 5-10minutes we couldn’t work out how to get in to. When we eventually found the door tucked around the corner we had to buzz reception to let us in which was really bizarre and made it feel like some sort of secret cult.

Inside it feels huge which I think was added to by the fact there was barely anyone else there. Literally noone.

bouldering in sunderland

climbing in sunderland

In contrast to it’s sister climbing centre – Newcastle Climbing Centre – Sunderland is predominently bouldering with a smaller rope climbing area. We started off on the bouldering routes, finding the problems much trickier than expected (well me anyway). There was such a lot of choice with some really fun roof areas and ‘arêtes’ to scramble up. It is also a lot higher so gave the extra challenge of extended stamina and overcoming fear!

bouldering north east

bouldering sunderland

The only downside of Sunderland Climbing Centre was that you had to join as a member to climb, even if you are already  a member of Newcastle – which was more of an invonvenience than anything else because it’s only a fiver! Apart from that it was great, the staff were really friendly and helpful and we loved having the place to ourselves. After 2 hours of climbing there was still loads more routes to try but we (well, me again) just didn’t have the power to keep going. We will definitely be back!


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