A bitter sweet affair with Candy

So my part loan with Candy has come to an end. She was sold last week to a new home. However instead of feeling upset and disappointed that my equine-human bond has ended, I feel relief!

Riding Candy has been such a challenge! For every small step forward we took; overcoming ‘napping’ or working in an outline, we’d take another two backwards. By the last week of part loaning her I was so fed up with her constant attitude that I considered giving up riding completely.

However it has been a great experience being a part horse owner. I’ve really enjoyed going to the yard straight from work and all the friendships that come from being around horsey people. The yard politics have been just as cliche as you would expect and in a way I’m going to miss that.

I’ve also rekindled my love of jumping – Candy’s one redeeming feature. Hopefully my next horse loan will be less of a project and more of a fun confidence giver.



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