Jack Wolfskin Vertigo Men’s Jacket

So, before we set off on our travels to distant shores I was very kindly provided with a Jack Wolfskin Vertigo Men’s Jacket by Outdoor World Direct. I needed something that would work as mid layer in colder weather and as a outer layer in more mild Autumn weather. The jacket arrived a few days before we headed off for Heathrow. That night, we took an evening walk to the local pub and I decided to wear the jacket. About 1km into the 2km walk the heavens opened and it threw it down. All I was wearing was the fleece and a shirt so of course by the time we reached the pub I expected to be soaked through, however to my surprise and delight I arrived at the pub dry under the jacket and toasty warm. A very good start!


Throughout the trip so far I have used the jacket on a near daily basis. I’ve put it through its paces during various activities including hiking, sight seeing, evenings out, winter walks and skiing. The jacket has performed very solidly. I really like the zips (they are nice chunky and don’t snag at all), stitching detail and most of all the warmth properties of the 200 weight fleece. The jacket features a host of high quality materials for further details check out the jacket information at Outdoor World Direct.
Jack Wolfskin Vertigo Men's Jacket
Posing with the tourists at the Zenkō-ji Temple in Nagano


  • The Jack Wolfskin Vertigo jacket works really well at regulating temperature, the jacket has kept me at a comfortable temperature in every situation so far, from sleeping on a night bus to trekking through a blizzard (I also had on an outer shell during the blizzard!).


  • Appearance is quite smart, I’ve used the jacket on many evening ventures into town without feeling I was looking too ‘outdoorsy’.


  • It’s a really warm jacket and throughout the autumn it worked brilliantly with just a single layer underneath.


  • The jacket so far has been extremely durable. After 6 weeks of travel and around 10 weeks of a ski season I’ve had no issues at all with wear and tear!




  • The fit isn’t ideal, the length of the jacket is about 5cm too short for me. It stops just above my belt where ideally for me it would cover this area. This has proved to be a bit of an issue when layering up for skiing (mainly as I don’t have a powder skirt on my work jacket). The arm and shoulder fit is perfect though, and allows ample movement when active.


  • The fleece outer layer is a bit of a magnet for dust and collecting hair.




I really like this jacket. It’s best use for me is an outer layer on an autumn walk or a venture into town in the evening. If you find the length to be a slightly longer fit then it would make a superb layering garment. Overall, the Jack Wolfskin Vertigo jacket has performed solidly and kept me nice and warm, what more do you need? Right now it’s on sale at a bargain price of £44.99 at Outdoors World Direct (07/02/2015).


Jack Wolfskin Vertigo Men's Jacket
Out for a quick morning ski



Jack Wolfskin Vertigo Men's Jacket
A bite for lunch in Tokyo

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