Shuttlecock Vietnam

We’ve arrived in Vietnam and fallen in love with Ho Chi Minh City! It is such a vibrant place filled with the best food I’ve ever tasted (more on that here), French inspired parks and Cathedrals, fascinating recent history and friendly people. But more importantly we have discovered… Dá Cầu aka Vietnam Shuttlecock.

This is my new favourite sport – it is a cross between volleyball and football keep-ups but played with a shuttlecock that looks like this:

Shuttlecock game in Vietnam


According to the ever factual Wikepedia, Dá Cầu is the national sport in Vietnam and there are international tournaments across Asia – well who knew?! In the informal game we have been watching and playing in the park the idea is to keep the shuttlecock off the ground with your feet, head, hands, knee, anything really.

What I love the most is it is such a simple idea but becomes such a social sport. Anytime from 4pm until dark there will be people playing and you just kind of find a circle and join in. Some people have got some seriously impressive skills but most people are just messing around and having fun, it’s great.

Alex playing in the park:

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