Canyoning in Da Lat

Da Lat is a small city up in the mountains which provided us some much needed rest bite from the soaring temperatures of South Vietnam. As such, it offers a host of outdoors activities.  Everybody who goes, does canyoning in Da Lat, but it’s definitely worth it! We went with Phat Tire Tours who were absolutely brilliant. Slightly more expensive than other tours but this was compensated by the provision of excellent guides, high quality equipment and a delicious lunch. The guides were very safety conscious, taking time to precisely explain what to do and what to expect with each activity. Phat Tire also only take group sizes up to 5, this is a huge bonus as it made it much more personal and allowed us to repeat a couple of the activities. Great.

Here is how the canyoning went:

1. After a short steep walk down through pine woods we reached the river and a 14m rappel down a cliff ending in a waist deep section of the river. Great fun. The key was to keep leaning back!

Da Lat canyoning 14m rappel
First 14m rappel.


2. A walk through jungle terrain brought us to a short waterfall, which, with some assistance from the guide we went down on our backs. It looked like it would fracture our spines but after giving it a go we returned for more!

Da Lat canyoning body slide
Taking things easy.


3. Rappelling down a waterfall. It looked crazy and felt it. The rushing water made every move difficult. The first pitch was knee deep, the second was more serious with water cascading over our heads, the final section we released the rope and jumped into the pool below.

Da Lat canyoning Harriet
Don’t look up!


Da Lat canyoning Alex
Nearly there…


Da Lat canyoning alex 2
Is this meant to happen?


4. A choice of a 10m jump or 7m. I did 10m, Harriet did 7m. We both did this a couple of times!

Da Lat canyoning harriet jump
7m jump.


Da Lat canyoning alex jump
10m jump.




5. The washing machine! The most scary by far. Rappel followed by free rappel into the water fall and then we had to brave releasing the rope and going into the rushing water. This was definitely the most daunting, but still a whole heap of fun!

Da Lat canyoning
Calm before the storm…


Da Lat canyoning
The storm is coming…


Da Lat canyoning
Right in the washing machine!


Da Lat canyoning
Apparently this is fun…


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