Saying No to Wet Feet with Sealskinz Socks

I recently learnt that Milford Sound gets more rainfall per year than the Amazon, the AMAZON! We can get up to 9 meters of rain in one year, with rain on an average of 182 days. So it is not surprising that Milford is one of the wettest places we have ever been hiking. On top of that, the more we read and plan for the Te Araroa, the more we discover how wet that is going to be too! With hundreds of river crossings and some sections where you literally just walk up rivers. So when Sealskinz got in touch to see if we wanted to test some waterproof gear it was perfect timing.

I decided to test some waterproof socks; the Sealskinz Thin Mid Length Sock to be precise.


Fit – the sock fit is pretty comfortable actually. They are thinner than I was expecting and hug your feet nicely. The instep offers a good amount of arch support. The only thing that doesn’t seem quite right is the toe box, it doesn’t feel like there is quite enough room for your big toes.

Comfort – they have a merino lining so are soft to wear, just a little stiff. The first time I wore them was on the first day of the Humpridge track – 20km with no rubbing is not a bad start!.

Sealskinz socks


Style – one definite area for improvement in my opinion! They look a bit like school hokey socks but then again they’re socks so that’s not really a problem.

Tech – after wading through streams on numerous occasions with dry feet each time, I decided to try dipping my toes without my boots. Amazing! Not a single drop of water got through the material. Whilst I don’t fully understand how the Sealskinz “Stretch Dry, Aqua Dynamic Design” works, I just know it does. And on top of that they are still lighter in weight than my Icebreaker hiking socks. Win win.


Sealskinz waterproof

They also provided us with some dry sacks for our Te Araroa trek. The Sealskinz 8L dry sacks fit perfectly in the top compartment of our backpacks (Osprey Arial 55L and Osprey Atmos 65L). The clear window pocket makes it easy to see the contents of the dry bag. Seeing as we will be using the bags for our electrical items and maps we needed to be confident that they were waterproof without ever having to test it out. Bit of a gamble but Sealskinz are definitely a company we can trust for good quality kit.

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