Tryfan, Glyder Fach and Camping

We’d been to Snowdonia National Park just once before on our way home from New Quay in Summer ’11. Back then all we’d managed was a very rushed accent of Snowdon in thick mist and rain. So it’s fair to say we had unfinished business with this part of North Wales and Tryfan was calling.

We chose a weekend in August to go camping and walking with our good friends Anna and Rowan. They were coming from Leeds and us from Bristol so Snowdonia felt like a good in between – turns out it was just a long drive for both of us! We stayed at Gwern Gof Uchaf campsite which is a basic farm campsite in the most stunning location. It is essentially at the foot of the imposing Tryfan mountain and for £5 per night we had no complaints!

Gwern Gof Uchaf Campsite

Tryfan and Glyder Fach – 5.45hours, 10.61km, 994m highest point (top of Glyder Fach)

We set out from the campsite in the glorious British Summertime weather of mist and drizzle… The path started right from the campsite as we walked up the valley towards our first climb of the day – Tryfan. The mountain looked purple from all the heather – just stunning.

Tryfan in the mist

It was so nice to be walking with Anna and Rowan, with nothing but time on our hands we were able to have a proper catch up and go in to all the intricate details of our lives over the past two years – no distractions! Also – who wouldn’t want to climb a mountain with these smiley faces?!

purple heather, smiley faces

Things got a little more interesting when we took an “off piste route” up the rocky face of Tryfan to avoid, what turned out to be, a consistent flow of hikers on the main trail. Some sketchy, slippey rocks in places but we enjoyed our adventurous scramble to the top; all the while feeling it was more likely that we were in a scene from the Lord of the Rings than Wales.

Tryfan, Wales

hiking blog wales

Tryfan mountain climbing

We made it to the top and Alex, being the brave man he is, went for the classic pose of jumping between “Adam” and “Eve” the two boulders which stand proudly atop Tryfan. As it turns out he was feeling emboldened by the thick fog which was masking the steep drop into oblivion either side!

jumping the boulders on tryfan

Top of Tryfan, Snowdonia

Summit selfie done it was time to descend the far side of Tryfan before heading straight back up our next mountain – Glyder Fach. It was a nice climb up with some tricky parts on the loose shale – nothing that a couple of jelly babies couldn’t help with though. At the top (in the mist again) there were lots of big boulders and rocks to climb over which was fun.


On the way down from a breezy Glyder Fach summit the sun came out and blue skies appeared – just in time for our second lunch, hurrah! It was great to see Tryfan is all her glory and amazing that you can see Adam and Eve the boulders from such a distance. If you zoom in on the second photo below you can spot them too!

walking glyder fach

walking glyder fach

Tryfan beautiful wales

All in all another superb weekend in beautiful, wild Wales.

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