South Downs (& Ups) Way – 33km Training Walk

The Oxfam Trail Walker training plan starts 12 weeks ahead of the big event. As that date arrived we thought it was fitting to plan our first (and what might now be our only) training walk as a team of four. We decided to meet at the start line, Queen Elizabeth Park, just outside of Petersfield. This would give us a snapshot of the type of trail and intensity of things to come.

trail walker training

I’m very glad we did this! Somehow over the years I’ve talked myself in to the belief that the “South” is flat – no hills here thank you very much! If only I’d had listened to Jan, I’d have known this was not true. The South Downs Way is rolling hillside of continuous ups and downs – hence it’s new name 🙂

South Downs Way

Training walk

We walked 17km along the South Downs Way; from the start line to an idyllic picnic spot, turned around and back again. Completing one third of the trail walk distance in total. The terrain is a mixture of country roads, byways and wide graveled footpaths. Perfect walking really, you don’t have to spend time looking at your feet which is handy as the views are spectacular. We were lucky enough to have blue skies and vibrant yellow fields as our back drop for the day.

I’d say we got on swimmingly as a team and must say I’m looking forward to the walk even more now!

Introducing team “Walkers Ready Salted” with our self-proclaimed pros and cons.

Trail walkerDan

Pros: chirpy, even when sleep deprived (thank you Erin and Freya)

Cons: smelly, has no intention of wearing fresh clothes throughout the 100k


oxfam trail walkerCaroline

Pros: a determined spirit to spur us through to the end

Cons: that ‘hope for the best’ mentality might make training and logistics tricky


trail walker ukAlex

Pros: grumpy, to balance out all that team happiness

Cons: grumpy, especially if we’re not making a good time


trail walker 2017Harriet

Pros: bit of a tortoise, will just keep plodding on

Cons: scared of the dark, like an actual baby



Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us so far and for anyone else who would like to, please visit our Just Giving page here:

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